Lasertag VMI vs. VIS


We challenged the students of computer science (VIS) for a match of Lasertag. In Lasertag, two teams compete against each other. A team scores by marking an opposite player with a laser “gun”. Be aware though, if you get tagged, the other team scores! Lasertag is contact-less and involves no physical projectiles.

Game Night


Join us for a fun game evening. We will play some party games like one night werewolves, codenames or avalon. We will also organize some drinks and ingredients to make some delicious sandwiches.

ETH-wide code of conduct

ETH Code of Conduct

Summer Retreat 2018

Poster for Summer Retreat 2018

The VMI Summer Retreat is back! This time, in awe-inspiring Fiesch, Switzerland. We are looking forward to great scientific exchange, networking and socializing!

When and where?

12th (Thursday) to either 14th (Saturday) or 15th (Sunday) of July 2018. This year, participants can individually choose to extend the three day retreat to four days. We will stay at Fiesch, a small town in the southern Swiss canton of Valais. This location allows for a wide range of activities, ranging from strolls in the nearby nature park Binntal and small Swiss mountain villages, to mineral excursions, hot springs with an alpine view, and hikes in the Aletsch arena, providing the best views on Europe’s highest peaks and largest glacier. Our accommodation and venue for the scientific program is the Sport Resort Fiesch.

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