Summer Retreat 2019

Poster for Summer Retreat 2019

The VMI Summer Retreat is back! This time in the beautiful mountain-surrounded town of Interlaken, Switzerland. We are looking forward to great scientific exchange, networking and socializing!

When and where?

12th (Thursday) to either 14th (Saturday) or 15th (Sunday) of September 2019. Participants can individually choose to extend the three day retreat to four days. More information will be made available soonTM.

Who can participate?

All members of the scientific staff of the D-INFK department (PhD students, postdocs, research assistants, oberassistent etc.). You do not need to be a VMI member. We want to make this event family friendly; send us an email for further details.

Keep me in the loop


More information will be made available soonTM.


The retreat is mostly sponsored by the department, so we only ask for a 40 CHF contribution. Everything is included: transportation, activities, accommodation and food. The exceptions are: alcoholic beverages as well as all activities, lunch and dinner on Sunday.

This retreat is fully supported by the department. You will not need to take vacation days to attend. But you should let your supervisor know that you would like to attend.


Questions? Please contact us at