How can I become a member of VMI?

Members of the scientific staff of the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich that are members of AVETH are automatically also members of VMI. The scientific staff includes PhD students, post-docs, and senior scientific employees of the Department (excluding professors). As a PhD Student, you can become a member of the VMI by choosing the option to register for AVETH when enrolling for the next semester or by enrolling directly at AVETH. As a post-doc or senior employee you need choose the second option.

What else can I do to support VMI?

The best way to support VMI, is of course to help us planning and organizing our activities. Should you need any additional information about VMI, navigate through this website or contact us directly. Please note that VMI gets most of its financial support for the AVETH membership fees. By becoming a member of AVETH, you will thus enable VMI to keep on organizing activities and events! Any further question? Do not hesitate to contact us!