Departemental Committees

VMI has the right to represent the scientific staff of the Department of Computer Science within its decision‐making bodies:

The Department Conference (DK, Departementskonferenz) is the highest decision-making body of D-INFK. It comprises all the professors of D-INFK, representatives of the student’s association (VIS) and representatives of the scientific staff / “Mittelbau” (VMI). The DK’s responsibilities range from the adoption of study-related regulations and deciding upon requests regarding teaching posts and visiting professors to the appointment of the departement head and guiding the allocation of the department’s resources.

The Tuitional Committee (UK, Unterrichtskommission) is comprised of nine members (three representatives each of the professors’, students’ and scientific staff’s associations). Its task is to discuss affairs related to tuition at D-INFK and its administration - currently, for instance regarding the pending abolishment of the Testat).

Via the faculty recruiting committees (WVK, Wahlvorbereitungskommissionen), the scientific staff has a say in the appointment of new members of the faculty at D-INFK.

We are currently looking for new board members interested in representing D-INFK’s scientific staff in the department’s decision-making bodies (especially in the tuitional committee) - drop us a line if you are interested in helping us out there!

To find out who is currently representing VMI in the Departmental Committees, please refer to our people page.